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To Whom It May Concern – a word from Perach International


My name is Amos Carmeli, currently serving as the president of Perach International, the mentoring international body of the Davidson Institute at the Weizmann Institute of Science where Perach, the Israeli tutoring and mentoring project was inaugurated more than 40 years ago 

During over 37 years of service at Perach and experience in running and starting mentoring projects in Israel and around the world, Perach has become a role model for many other projects. I am a zealous believer in it and have devoted all of my time and energy to pursue the mentoring and tutoring ideas embodied in this project and assisting in the creation of Perach-like projects in numerous countries


Perach and its like mobilize the best people a country can 'produce'- its university students, who become familiar with the real people and problems of the poor and needy. These students work for the sake and benefit of the communities – mainly their disadvantaged children, whom without a guiding hand and support may not realize their true potential (which is such a terrible personal and national loss!)


Perach works with children from K to 12+ who come from poor families and disadvantaged areas (among them minorities, new immigrants, single-parent families, children of prisoners, children with disabilities etc.) on a one-to-one basis or in group activities, focusing on various topics from Health, Science and the Environment to Law, the Arts and others. Perach is also creating Enrichment, Communication and Science Centers around the country 


During the years I have been involved in many similar projects (which operate today in hundreds of universities in 25 countries) and I have discovered that a Perach-like project is much needed in every country and can flourish everywhere


Therefore, I would be honored to work with any government, university or organization with the hope to be of help in bringing the ideas and ways of operation of the project to any interested party. Thus, giving a big helping hand by pouring many thousands of the nation's best (and future leaders) people into the educational system, for the benefit of all – the children, the students, the schools and universities, the community, and the nation at large


I look forward to hear from you and a fruitful cooperation


Amos Carmeli