Friday (May 4th) a meeting was held between Perach mentors and the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Dan B. Shapiro
In this meeting, initiated by the Embassy, Perach mentors were given the opportunity to hear from the ambassador about his own experiences as a student and a volunteer, and at the same time shared with him their unique mentoring experience in Perach
A word from the Ambassador (translated from Hebrew):

"Today I met with a group of young Israeli students participating in the Perach project (tutoring project), along with Perach's General Director Alon Galron
In this project, students volunteer as tutors for children in difficult life situations, in return the tutors sreceive scholarships to support their studies
I heard a lot of moving stories about the relationships between the tutors and children and their families, and about how children learn to believe in their abilities to succeed simply because someone else believes in them
I really admire the enormous contribution these volunteers contribute to a stronger Israeli society"

"Many thanks for the wonderful opportunity to meet with you and the inspiring volunteers of Perach. I look forward to learning more about your terrific organization and these very impressive young people, and the contribution you are making to Israeli society