"When I arrived in Israel 15 years ago, I was 10 years old. I remember the difficult times my family and I went through. One of the things which   helped me most was the Perach project. My mentor, Boris, was also a new immigrant. He taught me Hebrew, helped me do my homework, and took me to beautiful places around the country. But it is thanks to the great affection of my Perach mentor, that I made my dream come true - to be like everybody else! 

Now I feel Israeli in all respects, and I am also a mentor at Perach. I mentor a 10 year old child who is a new immigrant. Now I have the privilege to give back what I received-to be there for someone who needs me, someone who needs warmth, affection, knowledge and experience in order to do well in life. 

When Michael , my mentee, asked me how he could thank me for everything that I had done for him, I said to him: Learn, do well in life, go to university and then you too can become a Perach mentor" 

(From a letter by Alon, a Perach mentor)

"Havayeda Teva" Science centers

PERACH operates 5 interactive science centers. At these centers children are encouraged to play with interactive exhibits, which allow them to experience first-hand some natural phenomena. The name of these centers - Havayeda" ("knowledge" and "fun" in Hebrew) - reflects their "hands-on" approach to learning

Group activities

Approximately 80% of PERACH's students meet their mentees on an individual basis, while the others serve as tutors in their field of study, for various programs throughout the country. The syllabuses of these programs are prepared by professionals who provide the tutors with written materials and guidance.

These programs are offered in a variety of areas such as Health

and Dental Care, Science Education, Nature and Environment,

Law and Order, Music and many more.

Enrichment centers

PERACH's enrichment centers, located mostly on peripheral areas, are open in the afternoons and provide a quiet setting where mentors and mentees can spend quality time together. The facilities are equipped with educational games, books, videos, art materials and computers