It often happens in science that somebody comes up with a totally crazy and original idea. He is very stubborn, very innovative and extremely original. The idea, like any new idea, is full of holes. He tries to "sell" it to his colleagues. Some of them throw him out of their offices impolitely and some of them listen politely and say "Well, that's very interesting" and that's the end of it 

Until one other person who is not the originator, listens carefully, provides some corrections and modifications and a team is formed, usually between two people who come from different backgrounds, with different and complementary talents, and if they also have a good personal relationship, a beautiful collaboration may emerge. Sometimes the entire project still falls on its face and sometimes it flourishes. And then, after there is a pilot project and a prototype, and the project takes off, a few years later, sometimes yet another person comes and performs very intensive, talented, brilliant, pedantic, efficient work for many, many years and the product ends up influencing the lives of many people, in this case the lives of more than one million citizens of Israel